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American Patriots, Get Your Share of…

Trump’s $2.6 Trillion

“Cash for Patriots Program”

Everyday patriots are collecting checks of up to $7,980, thanks to this “program.” If you act before date, you could be next.

I’m up $35,000 in 2017. Quite a bit of money. I’m using it to treat myself to items I’ve wanted for years… and adding to my nest egg.”

– James W., American patriot from Michigan*

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Dear Patriot,

On September 28, 2015, when most people thought he had no chance of ever getting to the White House…

Trump quietly released this 4-page document…


Buried on the last page…

He quietly announced a plan that could distribute as much as $2.6 trillion to American citizens…

And if you “enroll” in what I call the “cash for patriots program”…

You could end up collecting some of that cash.

Even though The New York Times has called it “an enormous hoard of stashed cash”…

And said that everyday Americans “would enjoy a windfall under the plan.”

Nobody thought Trump was serious.

But the truth is…

Everyday Americans are already collecting incredible sums of cash from this little-known “cash for patriots program.”

For example…

*** Bob S. has already pocketed $6,010 from this “program.” And he’s not done yet. He’s set to collect another $1,032 this coming fall. *

Since he started with the “program,” he’s never failed to collect his “share.” In fact, he sent me a note saying: “I like the consistency of these checks.”

*** James W., 71, reports he’s up “approximately $35,000 in 2017.” And come this fall, he’s set to get a check for $1,425.*

No wonder he says “The money seems to be quite a bit. I’ m using it to treat myself to items I’ve wanted for years. I’m also paying bills required for additional houses… and adding to my nest egg.”

*** Suzanne V., from South Carolina, is another patriot who’s taking advantage of this revolutionary “program.” She wrote me a note saying: “I’ve collected $20,758. And I like the fact the payouts have also been increasing.” *

And here’s what’s really incredible…

Unlike Social Security or government programs…

There are absolutely no special requirements to begin collecting cash.

That’s because the “cash for patriots program” is funded by the private sector.

But how much can YOU expect to collect under the “program”?

Well, let me show you something you’re going to love…  

Three Times Bigger Than the
Social Security Program

To be clear, this has nothing to do with Social Security or your ability to collect it.

In fact, this opportunity is much bigger.

According to the Social Security Administration…

The U.S. government will pay out a total of $955 billion in benefits this year.

With Trump’s plan, we have as much as $2.6 trillion in potential unclaimed checks.

That’s almost three times more money than Social Security is set to pay out.


Even better…

The Payouts Have Been Increasing Since Trump First Announced This Plan

As I mentioned at the beginning of this briefing…

Trump first announced this plan in September 2015.

Since then, total payouts have exploded…

Take a look…


It started at $24.6 billion or more…

And has more than doubled.

As you can see, billions have already been paid out…

Elliot P., from Seattle, reports he has collected $22,417 so far.

Robert G says: “I’ve collected $4,681. My favorite thing [about this ‘program’] is the consistent increases in payouts.”

Patricia A. says she has collected $8,600.

While this growth has been incredible…

That’s nothing compared to the mountain of cash that’s set to be distributed.

Take a look…


At a total of $2.6 trillion…

That’s the equivalent of $27,718… on average… for every American taxpayer.

If everything goes according to plan, that money will soon be flowing into the pockets of patriots across America.

No wonder Bloomberg has called this plan a “Pot of Gold.”

Fortune magazine said Trump’s plan would give certain American patriots “something to cheer about”… because of “the prospect of a gigantic windfall.”

And Goldman Sachs recently sent a note to their clients…

Telling them to prepare for the avalanche of cash that’s about to hit American patriots.

According to that note, much of this cash “is due to the enacting of plans President-elect Donald Trump proposed on the campaign trail.”

And even before this $2.6 trillion plan is executed…

American patriots have the chance to collect an increasing amount of income.

Simply put…

If You Consider Yourself an American Patriot… It’s YOUR Right to Collect That Cash

Hi, my name is Zachary Scheidt.

I’m a best-selling financial author that helps Americans chase down and collect the extra income they deserve.

Not to brag, but my new book recently hit #1 on Amazon… and helped 1,000s of everyday Americans begin down the path of a worry-free retirement.

So when I first heard about this plan, I knew it could be BIG.

It’s not every day that regular Americans have the chance to get their hands on a gigantic pile of cash.

We’re taking about $2,600,000,000,000.

That’s a lot of zeros.

And to really put that huge number into perspective…

That’s 1,645 times BIGGER than the world’s largest Powerball jackpot ever.

Which is why I spent months investigating this special situation.

And once I learned all the details…

I immediately blasted an email to all 42,500 Americans who read my research…

Many of them are already participating in the “cash for patriots program.”

And the results have been STUNNING…

James D., from Arizona, wrote me a note saying: “I’m up about $92,000 so far.
I’m adding that to my nest egg.” *

That’s almost 100 grand…

Added to his net worth…

Almost effortlessly.

And he’s not done yet.

He’s set to receive a “patriot check” for $538 in the coming days.

Some of my other readers are collecting huge checks.

For example…

Chris B., from Michigan, told me he’s set to collect a “patriot check”
for $7,980 this summer. *

Think about that…

The average American retiree gets a ridiculous check for $1,360 from the Social Security Administration.

What a joke!

Chris is collecting almost SIX times more money…

All thanks to this “cash for patriots program.”

Isn’t that incredible?

Jessica A., a 67-year-old retiree from Palm Beach, reports she’s making a ton of money from the program…

“I’ve made $51,000 so far!” she says. *

And she’s entitled to a check for $456 next month.

We’re talking about real people…

American patriots…

Who are collecting these massive checks almost effortlessly.

And We’re Just Getting Started…
Because There’s $2,600,000,000,000
On the Line…

That’s a lot of money.

Even when I used to manage billions at a hedge fund, I never saw this kind of potential.

This is the biggest income opportunity I’ve seen in my 20-year career.

And it’s why I’m writing to you today…

To show you exactly what you need to do to start collecting these checks of up to $7,980 or more.

In the next few minutes, I’ll reveal all the details.

As you’re about to see, this is shockingly easy to do.

You just need to follow a set of instructions to “enroll in the program”...

And if you act before date

You’ll be entitled to a check that has been scheduled for that month.

Please, write that date down: date.

This is very important.

Because if you don’t “enroll” before that date, you could end up missing out.

As long as you follow these instructions…

It’s virtually guaranteed you’ll collect your first check…

And many more will likely follow…

Because this check has been paid out in 100% of the cases since the payments started. *

Robert G. wrote me a note saying he’s collected $4,681.

Dennis G., from Ohio, is set to collect a check for $1,995 in the coming weeks.

Joe N. says: “I’ve collected about $10,000 so far.”

By now, you might be asking yourself…

“If This “Program” Is Real, How Come
I Haven’t Heard About It?

If you haven’t heard about these “patriot checks,” it’s not your fault…

This hasn’t received much attention from the mainstream media.

I guess the “fake news” media is too busy criticizing Trump’s every move.

Case in point…

Do you remember seeing the media reporting on this press release?


The Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) published it in 2016…

And it clearly states that there’s an estimated $2.6 trillion at stake.

That’s the equivalent of $27,718 for every American taxpayer…

That could be distributed to patriots like you.

Mind you…

This is coming straight from a committee composed of BOTH Democrats and Republicans…

And they’re admitting there are trillions of dollars at stake…

In what The New York Times has called “a gigantic pot of money.”

And if you’re wondering why the Trump administration is doing this…

The reason is quite simple…

This $2.6 Trillion Will Soon Be Unleashed
in the American Economy

The short answer is…

*** To inject trillions of dollars into the U.S. economy.

Because everyone knows that money is the oil that keeps the economic machine running.

We’ve seen similar government programs in the past…

Remember Cash for Clunkers?

It was a $3 billion program under President Obama.

The government distributed vouchers to eligible customers of up to $4,500…

Which they could use to trade in their “clunkers” for a new car.

Although the “cash for patriots program” is a different sort of “program”…

It’s also designed to stimulate the economy…

And it’s better in many ways…

First, it is much broader… because there are no special requirements.

Second, this isn’t just another government handout…

So you shouldn’t expect to give the government your name and receive this cash in the mail.

Sure, this is about a $2.6 trillion government plan…

But it’s the private sector that actually makes this whole thing work.

And third, it’s much bigger.

With “cash for patriots,” there’s 866 times MORE money at stake…

An avalanche of cash that’s ready to be distributed to patriots across America.

And if you act before date, you’ll be in position to not only start collecting checks right away…

But also have a chance to collect your share of the $2.6 trillion in unclaimed checks.

The Last Time a Similar Plan Was Implemented, Americans Collected
$275 Billion

Most people don’t know this…

But the U.S. government enacted the same type of plan back in 2004…

And it put $275 billion into the pockets of patriots like you and me.

The New York Times later confirmed that cash “went to [American patriots].”

A study from Harvard University and MIT also later confirmed…

Billions were deposited directly into the accounts of everyday Americans like you.

Now, if you missed that opportunity…

Don’t worry…

Because this time will be much, much better.

We’re talking about $2.6 trillion…

That’s more than 8 TIMES BIGGER than the 2004 plan!

And remember…

That’s money that’s yet to be distributed.

And it could all be unleashed through the “cash for patriots program.”

A few Americans across the country have already “enrolled in the program”…

Elliot P., from Seattle, reports he has collected $22,417 so far.

Robert G says: “I’ve collected $4,681. My favorite thing about this program is the consistent increases in payouts.”

Patricia A., another member of my network, says she has collected $8,600.

And she’s set to collect another check for $826 in the coming days.

As you can see, these are not one-time payments.

If You Know What to Do, You Could Receive Up to 24 of Those Patriot Checks Every Year… Starting Just a Few Days From Now

That’s two checks every single month!

Checks that could go as high as $7,980.

Imagine what that kind of extra income could do for you…

Imagine making enough extra cash to pay off your mortgage…

Cover your living expenses…

Or simply add to your nest egg.

As you’re about to see, this couldn’t be easier.

Anyone can collect this cash.

And in order to collect your first check…

You just need to add your name to a very specific list of patriots BEFORE date.

So how do you add your name to the list?

When can you expect to get your check?

And how much can you expect to collect?

I’ll answer all those questions in a moment.

But first, let me tell you the incredible story of Rick S. *

67-Year-Old Patriot From California Stands to Collect a Check for $11,365

I want you to meet a man named Rick S. 

During the course of my investigation, I found his name on a special “patriots list”…

As one of the Americans who are already collecting these payouts.

Now, I don’t know if he voted for Trump or not.

But I can tell you he’s a true patriot…

He’s involved with several philanthropic organizations focused on children and education…

He has received the Marine Corps Foundation's Semper Fidelis Award…

And he constantly raises money for the Pearl Harbor Memorial Fund.

Come this summer, he’s set to collect a check for $11,365!

As a true American patriot, he deserves every cent of these checks.

That’s the equivalent of 8 average Social Security checks… in just one month.

To be clear, this is not a common example.

See, because Rick is directly involved with a section of the cash for patriots program…

He has the ability to collect above-average checks.

But Rick is a prime example of just how much money is at stake.

If you collected just a quarter of Rick’s amount, you’d be looking at a check for $2,841.

And remember, if you take the right steps…

You could end up collecting 24 of those checks in a year.

That’s an extra $68,184 a year!

And Rick is just one of a few Americans who’ve “enrolled” in this program…

As I mentioned before, many people from my network have already followed my instructions…

They’ve already put their names on the “patriots list.”

Some Patriots Are Collecting a Ridiculous Amount of Money

Dennis G., from Ohio, is set to collect a check for $1,995 in the coming weeks. *

He wrote me a note saying: “I love it. I plan to retire this year at age 64. I need [extra] income to replace work earnings.” 

Joe N. says: “I’ve collected about $10,000 so far. This is very important since I'm functionally retired at 62.”

Sandy A. is set to collect a check for $1,710 next month.

And she told me she’s up $400,000 in total…

And that she’ll use that extra cash for her retirement… and for her children’s inheritance.

I’ve received lots of notes like these…

Do you finally see why I’m so excited about this opportunity?

You could be the next one to collect.

But only if you put your name on the “patriots list” BEFORE date.

There are literally trillions of dollars at stake.

I’m talking about…

$27,718 on Average for
Every American Taxpayer

In order to take advantage of this opportunity, it’s important that you first understand where all this money is coming from.

The first thing you should know is that “patriot checks” don’t come from the U.S. government.

The money comes directly from the private sector…

Through what I call “cash for patriots.”

The Trump administration is simply creating the conditions that could unleash $2.6 trillion into the hands of everyday Americans.

And the only way you could possibly collect some of that cash is by participating in this little-known income strategy.

You see, because the U.S. dollar is the world’s reserve currency…

Other countries around the world also use our currency.

For that reason, there are trillions of dollars circulating outside the U.S.

And the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) has identified a stash of $2.6 trillion… mostly hiding in Ireland.


Trump’s plan is designed to bring some of the cash back home…

In a recent speech to the Detroit Economic Club, he said his administration will “bring back trillions of dollars that is now parked overseas.”

He believes that’s money that belongs to American patriots.

It’s part of his “America comes first” philosophy.

Why leave all the cash outside the U.S. if it can come home and help our citizens?

It’s hard to argue with that argument.

In fact, BOTH Democrats and Republicans agree it’s a good idea.

As Bloomberg says, “[The plan] may be one of the few things Republicans and Democrats can agree on.”  

It’s really shocking that most Americans have no idea they could end up collecting a portion of that mountain of cash.

That’s because when Trump first announced his $2.6 trillion plan back in 2015…

Nobody was taking him seriously.

As one writer said, the plan was “lost among President-elect Donald Trump's many campaign promises.”

But make no mistake…

That pile of cash is likely to come home, where it belongs.

And if you act before date, you could start collecting YOUR share of it… thanks to the “cash for patriots” program.

 “An Enormous Hoard of Stranded Cash”
- The New York Times

Like I mentioned, most of that cash is sitting in Ireland…

In dozens of different accounts.

Most Americans have no clue these accounts even exist.

But after months of investigation, I’ve identified the accounts with the most money.

Here’s a small sample of the accounts with the most cash.


As you can see, each account has billions of dollars…

Adding up to $2.6 trillion in total…

In what The New York Times has called an “enormous hoard of stranded cash.”

Because of Section 26(b)(1) of our U.S. tax code…

All that cash has stayed outside America for years…

Out of reach of everyday Americans like you.

Even President Obama tried to bring that cash home…

But he failed.

That’s about to change under Trump.

In fact, one of the insiders who manage one of these accounts has confirmed:

“We Provisioned Several Billion Dollars for the U.S. for Payment”

And that’s just one account…

You could end up collecting your first check… starting just a few days from now.

There’s even a way to get that cash deposited directly into your 401(k) or IRA.

But you do need to follow a very specific set of instructions.

And you’ll have to act fast on this opportunity.

Like I mentioned before, you’ll want to add your name to the patriots list by date.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to collect the next scheduled check.

I’ll show you how you can get started in just a moment.

First, I need to cover something extremely important…

WARNING: This Is a One-Time Plan. Once That Money Is Gone, It’s Gone Forever

Even though this program gives you the ability to collect multiple checks…

Once the $2.6 trillion is paid out…

It’s gone.

And the opportunity to get your piece of this money will be lost forever.

That’s why it’s imperative that you act soon.

The longer you wait, the less money will be available for distribution.

The good news is…

I’ve already spotted the next patriot check…

And it’s set to be paid out on date.

Because of the way the program is set up, you must act before date in order to collect that specific cash payout.

There’re no exceptions.

If you act just one day late, on date, you will not have the right to collect that check.

Those are the rules.

Of course, like any other investment, there will still be risk to the capital you put in when you get your name on this “patriots list.”  

But the good news is, since the payments started, anyone who has added their name to this list has collected a check…

In 100% of the cases.

Like I showed you today, many Americans are already collecting thousands of dollars thanks to this “program.”

But how much could YOU collect?

Some people who followed my instructions have collected checks as little as $583.

Others have collected much larger checks… as big as $7,980.

That’s because the amount will vary depending on HOW you put your name on that list.

Some people do it in a way that ensures a bigger payout than others.

Essentially, the more you’re willing to put in, the fatter your check will be.

Unfortunately, I Can’t Share
This With Everyone Online

Now, I wish I could explain all the details in this letter.

But I don’t want this information to leak online…

Because not everyone deserves to collect these patriot checks.

Believe it or not, many Americans no longer believe in patriotism.

According to a Gallup poll, only 52% of Americans are “extremely proud” to be Americans.

President Trump's "America First" slogan actually offends many people.

If you’re one of them, these patriot checks are not for you.

But if you’re an American patriot like myself…

Someone who believes in America first…

And that those $2.6 trillion belong to us…

I’d like to send you all the instructions in a FREE manual called The Cash for Patriots Program: How to Collect up to $6,567 Every Month.

Inside this manual, I explain everything…

Including what you have to do to maximize the payouts…

What it takes to get your name on the patriots list…

And when you can expect your first check.

With this information, you’ll know everything you need to collect up to 24 patriot checks this year.

I even have a table that shows how much you can expect to collect, depending on your personal situation.

Again, I’d like to send you this information completely free of charge.

Here’s how you can claim your FREE manual…

Let’s Revolutionize Retirement

Like I mentioned before, my name is Zachary Scheidt.


After years of working as a hedge fund manager, I'm now the chief income analyst at Agora Financial — one of America’s largest independent financial research institutions.

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I also walked around my hometown of Atlanta, where I met Diana W.

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I wasn’t sure if it was the glare of the direct sunlight, or the beers from the tailgating...

But after following my instructions, she added $145 to a brokerage account.

While concessions may be pricey in Atlanta, she made enough money in just three minutes to treat her whole company team to a few rounds!


Now, I know hundreds of dollars may not seem like a whole lot of money.

But the thing is…

This simple transaction is repeatable, so you can collect hundreds of dollars over and over again.

Over time, this could add up to BIG money.

But don’t take my word for it.

I already shared this secret with some people in my network.

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Paul Nondorf of Marietta, Georgia, sent me a thank you note telling me he made in excess of $150,000 over the past 10 months.

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So let’s recap before we move any further…

Agree to a 100% RISK-FREE trial of my Lifetime Income Report and I’ll send you TWO special dossiers… both designed to put $1,000s in your pocket each and every month:

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Here’s just some of the notes I’ve received…


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